Ayurveda in Berlin

Welcome! You are looking for a medical holistic doctor in Berlin, who is working with the methods of Ayurveda and Yoga? You want someone, who sees you as an Individual? Then I am absolutely right for you.

Ayurvedic Medicine, Yogatherapy and Allopathic Medicine- just the right combination.

I am treating Adults and Children any age in my practice in Berlin. The treatment is based on strengthening your selfhealing capacity and empowering yourself. I am working on private base, because I will take time for you. Afterwards you will learn how to manage your health by your own. You will come to know, which lifestyle and food will be the best for your nature. You will also understand, which are your weakpoints and how to manage them.

Your invoice will be based on GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte), which can be paid by private insurances. Also Coaching and Professional Education is possible, where you will get to know what is your destiny in this life. This gives you clarity and extra-power, which can also heal insistent chronic diseases. 

Please contact me on Phone or E-mail. See you soon.